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The mobile cards

Your personal digital promoter 24/7.
Increase your business profits and reduce marketing costs


Common communicating issues with customers

img SMS and Email look like spam
img Development of mobile apps is very expensive and 65% of people do not download any apps
img Websites and social media do not support notifications.

We have a solution

Stay in touch 24/7 with your customers and be sure that your proposals will not get lost among others.

img Event ticket
img Coupon
img Loyalty card
img Business card
img Transit

For whom?

What is a mobile card?

Mobile card – is a digital equivalent of traditional loyalty/gift cards, coupons, event tickets, transit tickets, business and membership cards. An innovative assistant of your business, which opens up new channels of communication and advertising that will never be lost

img A new level of loyalty systems and communications with your clients and partners
imgAbility to analyze the effectiveness of advertising and cost savings
imgSave on plastic, care for the environment

Front side

  • Company’s logo
  • Strip image
  • Scanning space
  • Additional information which depends on the type of a mobile card

Back side

  • Contacts
  • Offers
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Latest news
Give any information you want

With mobile cards you save money and time

img img
Paper cards Mobile cards
Cards are lost
90% 0%
Face to face SMS, Email, Socail Media, Website, QR
Developing time
7 days 24 hours
Need to carry
Yes No
No Yes
Changing design or information
No Yes
No Yes
img img
Apps Mobile cards
$8000 for one platform
(iOS or Android)
$100/monthly for two platforms
(iOS and Android)
Only through AppStore and Google Play SMS, Email, Socail Media, Website, QR
Developing time
3 month 24 hours
Changing design or information
14 days 5 minutes

What you will get by using this technology?
Average mobile cards usage statistics


28% more customer loyalty

78% less costs for SMS and
email marketing

Increase customer loyalty by offering
simple and convenient way
to use cards.
Substantial savings over traditional SMS and
e-mail marketing by sending push

16% increase in average

14% conversion rate of
notification into a sale

Increases profit. Mobile cards are used
10 times more than plastic or
paper cards.
Increase a number of customers and profit
by sending offers directly into your
consumers’ phones
The statistics data can vary.

How does it work?

  • img To create cards you send us information
    which you and your customers want to see.
  • img We get to you a personal
    Apple Passbook certificate.
  • img Give you access to the system
img img
  • img img Send links via Email
  • img img Send links via SMS
  • img img Share links and QR codes via website
  • img img Share links and QR codes via social media
  • img img Print QR codes on advertising materials
  • img img Share cards via Apps

Mobile cards are saved in Apple and Google mobile wallets


Native IOS app. 700 million users


Must be downloaded. 1 million users

Customers go to your store and make a purchase. Employees read a code on a card using a scanner.


Push notifications

Analyze the usage of mobile cards and increase your profit by sending better deals directly on customers’ phones.


What do we offer?

img Web Studio
Web-based software for manual creating, managing, distributing and analyzing mobile cards
img Web Studio + Integration
Automatic process of creating, managing, distribution and analyzing mobile cards that uses your POS/CRM systems

Why us?

img 10 years of experience in software development
img We have developed our own software for the creation, management and analysis of mobile cards
img We are a team of experts that will provide you a customizable way to start using mobile cards
img We will undertake all the work on an integration of your mobile cards with capacities of Passbook
img We will provide you an innovative marketing tool to manage cards and receive usage statistics
img We know all possible uses of mobile cards in business and will give you detailed instructions for their usage and distribution

Companies using mobile cards today